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Business English course online

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In this online course, we’re going to learn a variety of business skills in English. These skills will help you better communicate at work, in the business world. The course consists of a series of topics focusing on a particular business skill. Each module covers one topic, and for each topic, we’ve recorded four video lectures (one weekly video lecture). Each video lecture lasts between five and eight minutes. At the end of every module, you will answer a quiz that will consist of challenging questions. The amazing part of this online course, is that you can take only the module you are interested in or as many as you like without following any order, as they are not linked with each other.

The course syllabus is organized by week. Each module is programmed to take 4 weeks long. The syllabus contains short overviews of the skills that we’re going to study, as well as links to reading material for this course.

Duration: by module
Modality: ONLINE

Program :
Module 3 – MEETINGS
Module 5 – WRITING

We will include a discussion forum through our virtual classroom. The forum provides an opportunity for you to receive and provide feedback and to share ideas and insights with the other students taking the course.
For more details on the course, please contact us:

Price: 90€ per module

What does the price include?

  • Video lectures – entirely in English
  • Program – by modules
  • All the material – online
  • Your own virtual classroom
  • Continuous assessment
  • A one-to-one monthly live session with your facilitator (on Skype).

What are the advantages?

  • You can take the course and cover all the assignments at your one pace and anywhere (with Wi-Fi access), within a month.
  • Students decide the module(s) they will take according to their needs and/or interest.

Note: It is recommended to count with a minimum of an intermediate level to take full advantage of this course.

Starting date: This course will be available from September 2017 on. You can start any module on the 1st Monday of each month.
More information: